Internationalization plays a significant role in the development of higher education. In order to respond to all the globalization challenges, higher education plays a key role in producing university graduates who not only posses academic and professional capacities but who are also equipped with multilingual competence and intercultural understanding. It is certainly high time for Indonesian higher education institutions to be able to produce graduates with international qualification who can confidently compete with graduates of overseas universities. Not only that, Indonesian university graduates are expected to be able to contribute actively to improving the country’s productivity and competitiveness.

The Directorate General of Higher Education is highly concerned with efforts and initiatives to support higher education institutions in Indonesia to achieve international standards. Although those institutions have reached certain different levels in their efforts toward internationalization, DGHE believes that all institutions share the same visions and interests.

This international seminar is held as one of our efforts to empower Indonesian higher education institutions to produce high quality level of education and uniqueness in order to compete in international level.

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