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We’d like to invite you to contribute to the IAES’s Journal and circulate this invitation among interested students, researchers, and faculty members of your department.
Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) is a non-profit international scientific association of distinguished scholars engaged in engineering and science devoted to promoting researches and technologies in engineering and science field through digital technology. IAES is a fast growing organization that aims to benefit the world, as much as possible, via technological innovations. The mission of IAES is to encourage and conduct collaborative research in “state of the art” methodologies and technologies within its areas of expertise.
IAES publishes high quality international journals in engineering and science area. It also will organizes multidisciplinary conferences and workshop for academics and professionals and to get sponsors for supporting the activities.

IAES’s Journals
International Journal of Cloud Computing and Services Science (IJ-CLOSER) FREE OF CHARGE
The journal focuses to publish the emerging area of cloud computing, inspired by some latest advances that concern the infrastructure, operations, available services through the global network, and  a new wave of interest in ”externalization of IT” anything as a service(including software as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service), on demand delivery, outsourcing, and so on.
The journal is open to submission from scholars and experts in the wide areas of communication network and information security from the global world.
The IAES International Journal of Robotics and Automation (IJRA) is providing a platform to researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to publish the latest achievement, future challenges and exciting applications of intelligent and autonomous robots.
The journal publishes well-written studies and research articles that describe the latest research and developments in the area of artificial intelligence (AI).
The aim of IJRES is to provide a vehicle for academics, industrial professionals, educators and policy makers working in the field to contribute and disseminate innovative and important new work on reconfigurable and embedded systems.
The journal is an international Journal devoted to nano science and technology of all types of device, sensor and electronic systems.
This Journal is published by colaboration between the Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) and the InternationalSociety for Engineering and Science (ISES) whose aims are to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technology on the Information and Communication Technology areas, in front ofinternational audience of scientific community, to encourage the progress and innovation of the technology for human life and also to be a best platform for proliferation of ideas and thought for allscientists, regardless of their locations or nationalities.
The journal is designed to provide a forum for academics, researchers, practitioners, and users to publish rapidly original papers and reviews on: Communities of Interest, Communities of Relationship, Gaming Communities, Communities of Transaction, Peer-to-Peer Communities, Innovation Communities, Mobile Communities, Development of Virtual Communities and the role of user-generated content within Virtual Communities.
IJAPE focuses on the applied works in the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution, sustainable energy, applications of power control in large power systems, etc.
The journal is a peer-reviewed and open access journal dedicated to publish significant research findings in the field of applied and theoretical sciences.
IJPHS publishes original quantitative and qualitative scientific work on public health. The journal provides an up-to-date source of knowledge and a platform for discussion about public health research and practice for authors and readers world wide.

IJERE is an interdisciplinary publication of original research and writing on education which publishes papers to international audiences of educational researchers.  The journal encompasses a variety of topics, including child development, curriculum, reading comprehension, philosophies of education and educational approaches, etc.

The journal is open to submission from scholars and experts in the wide areas of electrical, electronics, instrumentation, control, telecommunication and computer engineering from the global world.
International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IJPEDS)
The scope of the journal includes all issues in the field of Power Electronics and drive systems.
Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal online via paper submission system.
Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will undergo language copyediting, typesetting, and reference validation in order to provide the highest publication quality possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about the journal.

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